Sand and gravel production line impact crusher

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Sand and gravel production line impact crusher

Sand and gravel production line process, you can use impact crusher, crushing equipment in the series is a new environmentally friendly crusher, unique machine design, the internal use of vertical shaft impact crusher principle, this series of products with very good results, the current has been widely used in sand making production line. The impact crusher is in use, reducing the efficiency of the problem, there are series plagued production line operator, for the rational use of gravel line, improve crushing efficiency of the method we’ll analyze them one by one:
Sand and gravel production line impact crusher
1, the machine pulley

Pulley is a link to the whole motor and machine part, the tightness of the belt’s ability to directly affect the operation of the machine, changing the pulley diameter ratio can be changed, thus changing the rotor speed. Increasing the rotor speed will increase the efficiency of particle kinetic energy for crushing.

2, the rotor of the guide plate

What is the guide plate, guide plate is actually a core part of the rotor, we can guide plate certain adjustments, you can adjust how much the whole rotor area with stone material flow pattern through the rotor, according to different materials, different feed rate adjusted to the appropriate size, position and angle.

3, the rotor diameter

Impact crusher which is equipped with rotors of different diameters, the diameter of the larger diameter rotor can effectively increase the linear velocity of the end portion, which corresponds to an increase of the rotor speed; concomitantly grinding path within the rotor extension portion at the same speed but with the end of smaller diameter compared rotor can produce more artificial sand.

Crushing cavity 4, impact crusher

Crushing chamber which is the core of the material crushing, fine if you want to play some of the crushing chamber crushing cavity can be configured to be broken for a corresponding increase in the rate of the material by adjusting the crushing cavity.

5, the inlet of the feed

In the sand and gravel production line, the material is the use of transfer after crushing the material is transferred to impact crusher feed inlet into the speed must be controlled, not blindly increase in feed rate, feed rate too low will reduce production efficiency, reasonable arrangements evenly into the material, is an important way to improve production.

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