Processing of non-metallic mineral grinding equipment

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non-metallic mineral grinding equipment
Processing of non-metallic mineral grinding equipment

Nonmetalliferous ore crushing process, the choice of technology is also very important, as we all know, different materials need to choose a different mill, so how many people know that different nonmetalliferous ore crushing process is required, the machining process is also each are not identical, so need to know about the crushing process.
non-metallic mineral grinding equipment
1, classification by wet process

This process is characterized by small investment, simple technological process. Crushing process commonly adopt the way of batch grinding. With the method of time to control the particle size and particle size distribution. Classification method has a way of cyclone, the overflow wash method and settlement method. Larger particle settling velocity is larger, more grading by overflow irrigation methods. For the fine particles, settling velocity is lower, more grading with the method of large container terminal. The process need to good dispersed particles during processing, to ensure its accuracy. The practice of low production efficiency and difficult to expand the capacity of production, covers an area of large water consumption, time-consuming. However, due to the wet classification can join the dispersant in the water, the liquid-solid interface of dispersing ability than the gas-solid interface capability is strong, wet hierarchical classification effect is generally better than that of dry classification.

2, dry classification process

Dry type classification system is made up of crushing equipment and more than 2 sets of classifier, dust collector and fan. Mill products under the entrainment of air into the grading machine 1 classification processing, control a certain limit after grade, more than a fraction of coarse powder grinding mill again return; Less than a fraction of fine powder into the lower limit of 2 grading machine grading control must be graded. After processing, the product 1 and 2 is the narrow fraction of abrasive, meticulous product 3 by dust collector to collect. In such a system, adjust the shattering of the mill capacity, product particle size distribution and classification after the product particle size distribution, reduce the generation of carefully powder is key, it determines the efficiency of the whole system. This process is characterized by processing and high degree of modernization, large quantity and high classification accuracy, suitable for mass production powder dry abrasive. The process of the defect is when the product is too thin, due to the limitation of gas dispersion ability, sizing effect obviously.

3. The abrasive powder production process

Can use the processing technology of raw mineral oil of silicon carbide, white corundum, corundum and garnet, now the production technology is widely used in polishing industry output also increased year by year, fine machining of micro powder abrasive has wide development prospects. The characteristics of the abrasive machining is hard materials, large equipment wear, particle size distribution is very narrow. To prevent will be polished surface scratch, should strictly control the existence of large particle.

By understanding the advantages and disadvantages of these three pieces processing technology, processing of non-metallic mineral grinding time can be a reasonable choice, want to know more about the mill processing craft, can consult us!

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