Pebbles sand making machine used for construction sand and gravel

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Pebbles sand making machine used for construction sand and gravel
Pebbles sand making machine used for construction sand and gravel
With the continuous development of society, the high-speed rail, the rapid development of construction industry, the demand of mechanism sand also in increasing rapidly. At present, the application of the annual production of about 28 x 108 m3, the application of production capacity of 45% of the world’s total has reached 13 x 108 ~ 14 x 108 m3. In the sand and gravel aggregate raw material, the thickness of material accounts for about three-quarters of all concrete.

This prediction: the world each year to the thickness of material about 21 x 108 m3, vigorously development, the construction industry in our country is great demand for the thickness of material, the demand for the thickness of material in our country accounts for about half the world’s demand, and along with the development of the future will be more and more. For such a big consumption, the earth’s natural aggregate native thickness will be exhausted, so from the perspective of resources reasonable development use and sustainable development, seeking to native aggregate replacement is very important. Shanghai XSM machinery production of pebbles sand making machine solves the shortage of natural sand and gravel aggregate supply and demand situation seriously.
Pebbles sand making machine used for construction sand and gravel
Shanghai XSM machinery pebbles sand making machine adopts domestic advanced technology, in combination with the practical situation of domestic sand industry, large capacity, low energy consumption, favored by domestic and foreign customers welcome, continuous operation of the machinery equipment, work, under the drive of the motor, the rotor high-speed rotation, the material into the first crushing cavity broken, and the rotor plate hammer impact breakage and then into the second crushing finely cavity, finally in the discharging mouth eduction. Suitable for medium and finely platts hardness f 5-16 or less all kinds of ores and rocks. It is the best choice of the mining machinery industry upgrading.

With the speeding up of urbanization process, the social demand for application of increased rapidly. As an important raw material of concrete there is an obvious lack of the thickness of material, so will produce large quantities of waste concrete reasonable recycling, already so solve the shortage of natural original the thickness of material, processing costs and save the waste concrete, and is beneficial to environmental protection, to obtain good social and economic benefits have played an important role in cannot be underestimated.

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