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Investment gangue Dryer, investment gangue dryer, the user must first make it clear what

Coal gangue is generated during the production of rock collectively, coal dryer is drying process its good equipment, because of its large capacity, high degree of automation, continuous operation, and other advantages by reliable users of all ages. Especially in recent years, see gangue dryer low investment high return characteristics lead to more and more manufacturers are willing to invest it. Then the investment gangue dryer, the user must first make it clear what?

gangue dryer

Features 1. drying material gangue

This refers users to buy gangue dryer at least for their first dry excavation of coal gangue properties, such as easy to crush resistance and its moisture content much, particle size, flammable, explosive, particles the critical moisture content of material drying time and equilibrium moisture content must know, in addition to the commercial value of gangue after drying compared to no increase in the number of drying. This investment is the first step you need to know.

2. drying equipment needed

Many users may be unaware of their gangue dryer drying materials is not just this one dryer equipment, In addition, as the drying process, so pay attention to the use of heat or with their thought is to be invested The money will not have too much access.

3. The drying process technology

This refers to the process of the whole process up and down the order when gangue drying, feeding, nesting conditions how and so on.

4. rationality investment in equipment

Size of the venue planning gangue dryer to be installed, consider local environmental requirements for industrial enterprises, construction investment at the time of the device you want to do for dust emissions, noise and other issues to be considered, but also consider the cost of recovery before investing in this a time of labor, land, equipment operation and other capital turnover problems.

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