How to configure ore flotation agents

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Dressing needed to add flotation to make dressing. So what are the common methods of agent configuration?

Flotation machine is a kind of mineral processing equipment, by joining the rational disposition of the pharmacy in the pulp makes goal difference between mineral and tailings, then separated by sedimentation, filtration and other steps.

Choice of flotation process, depending on the nature of the ore and concentrate required. Ore is mostly of ore grade and chemical composition distribution characteristics of valuable minerals in the ore and symbiotic relationship. Different sizes and technical and economic conditions often determines the degree of complexity of the flotation process.
How to configure ore flotation agents
Reagents composition according to the pharmacy of the nature, common has the following method:

1. distribution of flotation reagent preparation into an aqueous solution.

Most water-soluble pharmaceutical have adopted this law, make 5%-10% or dilute aqueous solution added. Solution should not be worthy too thin, too thin and too large, but it should not be too dense, too strong for less chemicals it is difficult to accurately control the amount used.

2. Add solvent flotation reagent preparation.

Slightly soluble or insoluble in water and potion can be soluble in specific solvents and then add. Can be enhanced in the pulp of diffuse, can also strengthen the role collectors of oleic acid. Again using white powder readily soluble in o-toluidine.

3. the emulsification of flotation reagent preparation.

After emulsified diesel and fatty acids collector, you can increase its dispersion in the pulp and improve efficiency. Commonly used methods are: strong mechanical stirring, steaming or ultrasonic, introducing emulsifiers will work better. Water plus surfactant alkyl aryl sulfonates, surface active substances can be used as emulsifiers.
How to configure ore flotation agents
4. flotation reagents made of SOAP.

Preparation of fatty acid collectors commonly used this method, such as iron ore flotation, oxidized paraffin wax SOAP and tall oil is often used as a collector.

5. flotation reagent preparation into suspension or emulsion.

Such as lime water can be added to add lime.

6. flotation reagents made of acidification.

While you are using cationic collectors, due to poor water solubility, must add into hydrochloric acid or acetic acid amine salt can be dissolved in water use.

7. flotation reagents made of material added.

Some chemical solubility in water is very small, difficult to make true solution or stable emulsion, it is not as into solution, but add stock solution according to the volume directly.

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