Graphite beneficiation and processing methods

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Graphite beneficiation and processing methods,Graphite crushing equipment, graphite flotation machine for sale.
Graphite beneficiation and processing methods
Shanghai is specialized in the production of graphite XSM mechanical processing equipment manufacturers, research graphite mineral processing methods unique , highly concentrator users. Here beneficiation and processing methods for the ink to do the simple overview.

Graphite flotation is good , the current multi- flotation method. Commonly used as a flotation reagent collector kerosene, diesel , oil foaming agent II , IV oil , lime adjusting agent , an inhibitor of sodium silicate . Shanghai is often used XSM mechanical flotation flotation machine . Products often use a variety of centrifugal dewatering machine dewatering or fold belt filter . Product classification to use more Plansifter minority and shake with flat screen , cycle sieve.
Graphite beneficiation and processing methods
Multi- crystalline flake graphite coarse concentrate regrinding re-election of the flotation process flotation process for the multi-stage grinding general , multi-stage selection, the mining sequence ( or focus ) closed the return process to elect a large scale as soon as possible graphite. That first coarse grinding , roughing, students get to even low-grade ore body based ( grade of 40% to 50% ) , then the low-grade concentrate regrinding , re -election was the final concentrate . Thus , there are three forms of multi-stage process , which concentrate regrinding , regrinding in the mine and mill tailings . Regrinding times of 3 to 7 times , usually 3 to 4 times. Mineral recovery operations under normal conditions is generally between 85% to 89%. Some mines have also tried to re-grinding process in the mine , but the effect is not obvious. Individual small factories have adopted an open or semi- open circuit flotation process , tailings discarded because too many points , mineral recovery is very low, only 40 % to 50 %. To suppress pyrite, mica symbiosis. Can add lime, dextrin , sodium carbonate , sodium silicate and other agents. Aphanitic graphite crystal is extremely small, it is also called microcrystalline graphite, graphite particles are often disseminated in the clay , the separation is difficult. Due to the high grade ore (typically carbon content of 60% to 80 %) , many graphite mines will be mined ore crushing and processing directly sell graphite products.

At home, usually the graphite ore mined after a simple hand-picked , crushed into a product to sell directly , graphite beneficiation process Aphanitic processing flow is generally: ore crushing → ​​→ → drying → ​​grind the crushed ore → grading → ​​packaging.

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