chile mobile crushing river gravel production line

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Production line configuration: mobile jaw crusher station YG9638E69 + mobile cone crusher Y3S1860CS160 + vibrating screen + feeder

Customer scene photos:

mobile jaw crusher

mobile cone crusher

Production line in southern Chile. The first to use feeder ZSW960X3800 uniformly convey the material to the mobile jaw crusher station YG9638E69 preliminary crusher; conveyor belt after the material is delivered to the primary crusher vibrating screen YZS1860 sieved material sieved into the mobile cone Y3S1860CS160 crusher for secondary crushing, again through vibrating sieve to meet the size requirements of 0-1 / 4-1 / 2-3 / 4mm of products, the rest of the material will return the larger mobile cone crusher again until all the materials have reached the size requirements.

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